How to Appear invisible(offline) on Facebook chat

Facebook chat is the world best communication system people love to use and spend lot of time on Facebook chat.But most of us love to chat with only some of friends.So is it possible to appear invisible(offline) on Facebook chat.Yes !! Technowit provide you every possible way to make your face booking interesting.

You can appear offline to some of friends or to individuals.Facebook Allows you to be offline to some of your friends

you can appear offline from your friends by creating list and make them unavalible so i think this process is too complicated so i noticed new method which facebook also introduce recently.New hack is quiet easy and easy to applicable rather then creating list etc.

Appear invisible to Group of  individual friend

During Facebook chat  box comes out and you see on the top of box there is star like button click on that also see in the picture below

Appear Offline on Facebook | Facebook

as you see there is a option of Go offline just click on that and you will appear offline to particular friend.

Appear invisible to Group of friends

Also if you want to appear invisible or offline to group of friends then follow following steps-:

1.At the bottom of the chat bar click om the star button

how to be offline in Facebook chat

2. click on Advance Setting

how to appear invisible in facebook see option to appear offline or online to certain people

how to be invisible in facebook

so now block the person or group of person to whom you don’t want to chat
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