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Facebook Search Engine

Today i am going to share a unique way of using Facebook that most of people don't know.I am observing it from last so many days and finally share it with you wits.Most of people use Facebook for sharing, chatting,tagging etc.But you can also use Facebook in many other ways and get most of it.So world number one social networking website help us in every field from entertainment to education.

so now i am going to tell you how to use Facebook search engine.

look at the top there is a Facebook search box we mostly used it for searching people.

[caption id="attachment_561" align="aligncenter" width="543" caption=""]uses of facebook[/caption]

so we are going to use this search box.

How to use it and for what we are going to use it ???

so now lets start

1.see who shared my link on Facebook

You will be limited to seeing only the people who shared the link publicly(according to their privacy settings).

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the link or better the title of the link/video title (in case of YouTube video or Facebook video)

  3. You will be able to limit the Posts results by your friends or everyone

2.find latest updates from facebook

suppose you want latest updates regarding any topic like "speakasia" so enter keyword and get realtime updates from many people.

[caption id="attachment_562" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption=""]uses of facebook[/caption]

select post by friend to get updates from friends.but we all are having limited no of friend so i uses mostly post to public.

click here for example


3.learn poetry from facebook

Most interesting part is this one and i used it a lot while chatting with guys if you want to impress your loved ones then used this trick.

so now used the romantic keywords like DIL,PYAR etc i think you guyz know better then me and search on facebook with post public you will get lot of shyaries and much more

click here for example

4.find quotes from great personalities

now you can also make interesting status with some superb search the name of great personalities in the search box and you will find the lot of people sharing quotes

click here for example

5.find out popular episodes from reality shows 

so now a days there are lot of talent hunt shows are going on so we are not having enough time so i watch only exclusive performances  with the help of Facebook sharing

like what people like most from india's got talent

click here for example

6.find who is online

so the search is based on the real time search so the query comes first the most recently we can find who is online or who is recently online.

7.Get information about any mass movement

so recntly Anna ji aanshan shocked the government so whats happening there even get updates from Facebook

click here for example

8.find out important facts

so even we can find out really secret and shocking facts find only on social media.Like corruption etc

so how many politicians have how much money in swiss bank i came to know Facebook search engine

click here for example


9.find out tagged status for your friends

so we got a lot of tagged pictures, videos but what about status

so even solution is here just search any name of your friend and you will find lot of status with similar name


and i got really intresting
 tanuj mishing you sho muchhh.

hehe this is someone else status for his friend tanuj

click here for example
now it is really a great concept that we all get latest and hot information from Facebook of our choice just give input get desired output

so some of thinks how all this works ??
it is a really simple Facebook contain lot people all around the world and Facebook is made for sharing so people love to share the important when you search anythigh you will get important information according to it.

so now it seems that whole world resides inside Facebook just enter your query and get the solution.

so if u like this article please comment below.also share it with your friend

Also Technowit decide to write next article on "how to get phone no of a gal"  so if u want we write this article then comment below
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