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How to Lock Google Chrome

We have to keep everything secure to ensure privacy of our personal data, so we use password protection or double authentication.In this article I’ll show you how to lock Google chrome and keep you browser password protected. Google Chrome is the one the most used browsers, but we don't only use it to browse. We use it to remember our passwords, bookmarks and also install some useful extensions. You probably don't want somebody accessing your browser without your permission.Using ChromePW, an unauthorized user is refused to access the net, saved passwords, browser history, auto fill and other web information.

We are using a Google Chrome extension known as ChromePw.

The above picture shows how Chromepw is asking for a password.
Simply visit the website and install this extension in Chrome.The settings page will then appear asking for a password along with some other options. options.

Once you set the password it will store it in an encrypted form and, when you open up your browser, a prompt will appear asking for your password.

I hope you enjoyed this article and share it with all your friends.

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EaseUSTodo Backup is the only extensive tool you’ll ever need for your backups

EaseUSTodo Backup is another great little handy tool coming from a company that has steadily focused on delivering value for its users. Taking backups of your entire hard drives to prepare yourself in the event of a disk failure or unexpected disaster is a must for every computer user. EaseUSTodo Backup tool is developed solely for home and business users alike to easily clone their hard drives for recovery after disk failure or system damage.

The best thing about this handy tool is that it makes taking backups and recovering them back a piece of cake! It integrates well into Windows, also supporting Windows 8.1, and lets you open any Todo Backup file by double clicking on it and accessing individual files and folders for their recovery. This tool offers a comprehensive set of options to its users for backup and restore operations. There are three different types of backup operations that you canperform: Comprehensive, Incremental and differential, which we will talk about later.

The tool is easy on the eye and makes all the set of backup and recovery options accessible right from the main screen. This tool offers three main types of backups as seen above;disk partition, system and file backup.
Disk/Partition Backup

If you select the Disk/partition backup, you can get a complete backup of the selected disk. The information about your partitions is presented in a comprehensible fashion and you can select the destination location of this backup.
System Backup

System backup option offered by this tool is a one-click backup of your entire system without interrupting your present flow of work. The tool tends to eat up a little of your resources, as it is reported to take four processes during the backup process, but it is not much of an issue.

File Backup

This backup tool also allows users to backup individual files and folders including vast file formats like documents, photos, videos,applications, etc.You  will be presented with the screen as shown above and it will let you select individual folders from within different drives for taking its backup.

Disk Clone and SSD migration

Disk cloning could also be easily done with EaseUS Backup tool. You can select the source drive and the target drives and your hard drive partition will be completely copied or migrated to the new source accordingly. While on it, you can also perform migration/cloning of your hard drive to SSD partition, this tool also supports cloning Windows 8.1 to SSD.

Our Verdict – The best free backup tool

As far as its features and performance are considered, EaseUSTodo Backup tool blows away all other tools out of the water with its extensive offerings for home and business users. This is the only tool you should ever need for your backup needs.The home version of thistool is free and you can download EaseUSTodo Backup from here.

Our Rating –4.9 out of 5
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How to Open Multiple Facebook Account In Google Chrome

Facebook is the biggest social network with more then 1.32 billion users.It is the platform to connect us and share.But its ridiculous to open Incognito window to Open Multiple Facebook accounts in different windows.To quickly login into Multiple Facebook Profile in just new tab we bring this trick.

There is a one popular Google chrome extension will help us to do so.

click here to install MultiLogin on your chrome browser.Log into multiple accounts on the facebook simultaneously.

with the help of MultiLogin you are not restricted to two fb accounts like Incognito.You can open as many profile as you want.
How to Use:
 * Click the extension icon -> a new tab will open-> sign into another account.
 * Right Click on a link -> open link in new identity
 * Right Click on the page -> duplicate page in new identity
Note- The prefix to the tab indicates the mask id, tabs with the same id mask the same identity.
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How to work without internet in google chrome

how to work without internet in google chrome
How to work without Internet in Google Chrome

Whenever we open up any webpage we get connected to internet. Have you ever imagine we can even work offline or work without internet in Google chrome. Suppose we are at new place where we don’t have access to internet and we want to find something important. Everytime we surf or browse on Google chrome, the information we access gets stored in cache which automatically save the copy of Web Pages we browse

 So to enable this setting we have to do following setting in Google chrome.
1. Type chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode in the address bar

 2. Enable the offline cache mode

 3. Now Google chrome will no longer show you “Unable to connected to internet” if you accessing the webpage you already accessed.
Google chrome saves information like images, html, and css so if you are browsing information it almost looks same but in case some online resources are required then it will show some error or “Unable to connected to internet” like etc.

So try this trick and if you find this useful share it with your friends. In case if you find any problem feel free to contact us

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How to Accept All friend Request Automatically On Facebook

We Bring this article for Active users those who daily revive lot of friend request or if we have to accept large no of pending friend request at once.So its quiet time saving trick.We can Accept All of friend request with a simple JavaScript.
All you have to follow this Small procedure.

1.First of all visit Facebook pending request page.On this page you will see more option to view all your friends request pending.
2.Press Ctrl+Shift+j for chrome or Ctrl+shift+K for Firefox
3.This will open JavaScript console panel
4.Paste the following JavaScript
javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);
It will take couple of seconds to accept all your friend request.Give your feedback Regarding this and if you still find any problem then feel free to contact us or comment below.

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How to invite all friends on Facebook Page

Facebook is a biggest social network website and most of people use Facebook pages for Branding.
So more the no of fans provide you vital opportunity to boost your business.So building and growing page is a difficult part.One of the way to Increase fans is by inviting friends.But the main Problem is how to invite all friends with a single click.

According to the Facebook New update we can invite friends one by one by clicking Invite Button for all of them.Suppose if someone is having 1000+ or 500+ friends then i t becomes a hectic job to invite.

But now we have a Quick alternative to invite all our friends.With a simple JavaScript application we can easily invite all our friends.
Here are few following steps with the help of those we can Able to invite all our friends.

1.Open your Facebook fan page.
2.Go to Build audience

3.Click on Invite all friends
4.Now a list of All your friends Shows up

4.Now press space Button and you will reach to the bottom of list or scroll down till end.
5.Press Ctrl+Shift+j for chrome or Ctrl+shift+K for firefox
6.This will open Javascript console panel
7.Paste the following javascript

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm');
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {
This javascript will invite all our friends Automatically.
If you find this article useful share this article with all your friends.
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How to delete WordPress Unused Images

Most of people are using wordpress nowadays for blogging and web development purposes.But people are not aware about server such a ram,bandwidth space etc.So lot Of people contact us while transferring there wordpress website and website is of such a big size like 100mb+.SO after checking wp-content folder we find people added large no of media files.So most of images are unused and we are writing this tutorial on how to Delete Unused Images.

SO After some research i found Few plugins which help us in deleting unused images in WordPress.Using plug-ins can help you identify and delete all unused images that accumulate on your WordPress blog. These files are best removed because they serve no actual purpose, other than to waste more valuable space.

1.Cleanup Images

A plugin to help in deciding which images in the Media Library you want to delete and then deleting them from both the DB and the directory if you decide to do so. This plugin will search the database for all images in the Media Library and determine whether or not they are in use. They will then be listed. If not used, you will be able to select them in order to delete them.


DNUI will help you to identify all image not used in your wordpress post and page, and give you the option to delete them, this will delete the image from the server and update the database so that the image is no longer shown when making a post, because the problem of wordpress is, if you upload one image, wordpress can make 4 image from the same file, so this plugin help you to identify all them and delete the image what you want.

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How to change Facebook Fanpage Name Having 200+ likes

Technowit is having more than 4000+ Facebook fans but problem is our page is name is different.SO we are looking for trick to change facebook fan page name.Facebook doesn't allow users to change there page name after getting more than 200+ likes.But Now its possible and i am going to reveal this trick with you.


Facebook page name change feature is already available to every user in USA. So change the location by using Proxy.


1.Start Google Chrome and Install Hola Better Internet.

2.After Installing open facebook in the same browser.

3.change your location to USA

4.Once we change the location to USA Login to facebook account.

5.navigate to your desired page (having more than 200 likes) which you want to change the name

6. Click on update info -> click on edit name

7.You can see a new option there “Request Change” which previously was not available.

8.A form will appear “I need to change the name of my page”. Tick on “I understand the formatting guidelines for may Page’s new name”

9.Now fill your desired facebook page name.

10.You can see an option “Why you want to change your page name”. on send

Enjoy and share this with your friends, they can also be able to change their facebook page name.

If you still have any query regarding this, you can comment here.
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